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WorkForce Development

Our Strategy is to collaborate with trade associations, universities, local workforce development consortium boards, community colleges and businesses to increase the local capacity of educated and skilled employees.


Job seekers will  have access to programs and training that make them well qualified employees. Whether an experienced construction worker or new to the field, you can now obtain a certificate that allows you to gain the knowledge you need to enter and stay expert in the trade, and demonstrate your skills to others. You'll also grow your professional network, which will enhance you career opportunities.


Our Commitment: RBC is committed to identifying the jobs training and educational needs of those we serve. We strive to address promoting, augmenting, or fostering skills in relation to the construction trades. Without the basics, people lack the stability necessary to enter the workforce and improve their current and long-term financial standing.

RBC does not limit the provision of its training and services to the construction trades, as the overall aim of RBC is to strengthen to viability of our  communities. We reserve the right to identify, create, and make available such other workforce development programs and initiatives to those persons whom we serve as to assist with making those persons valuable employment prospects within and without the construction trades.

Our Partners


"This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer"

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