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Homeowners make commuities.

We make homeowners.

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Pre-purchase counseling includes but is not limited to:

 - Advice regarding readiness and preparation for homeownership

 - Information about Federal Housing Administration insured financing,

housing selection and mobility, search assistance, fair housing, fair lending,

and predatory lending

- Analysis of budgeting, credit, and money management 

- Information about loan products and feature comparison

- Determining purchase procedures and estimating closing costs

- Selecting a real estate agent and the importance of home inspections

- Guidance on alternative sources of mortgage credit; down payment assistance;

locating housing that provides universal design and visibility, how to apply for special programs available to potential homebuyers, how to purchase a home using the Section 8 Homeownership Voucher Program, and referrals to community services and regulatory agencies.

Homeownership Education Classes

Homeownership classes are held monthly. Attend our homebuyer education series to learn about:
-how to overcome obstacles such as credit repair challenges, saving for a down payment, debt reduction, and building job history.

-a “one step at a time” approach and more peer encouragement than traditional pre-purchase workshops.

The RBC housing education program:

-Lengthens the education process for someone who is not immediately ready or qualified to become a homeowner.

-Ongoing support for the client if they encounter unanticipated challenges along the way.

-Offers peer support that can help keep clients on track.

-Measures success in small milestones moving towards homeownership.    

HECM Counseling

Reverse mortgage counseling assists seniors who want to convert the equity in their homes into income.  The HECM program requires that a homeowner must receive one-on-one counseling and a counseling certificate prior to obtaining a HECM. One-on-one counseling can be completed face-to-face or via the telephone.  Client fees for HECM counseling services is $150.00 is charged either at the time of counseling or at the time of the loan’s closing through the loan proceeds. 



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