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Rebuild Communities NC Academy
ABE/GED/RBC Home School

Course Overview

The ABE/GED program provides opportunities for adults to improve their reading, language and math skills to achieve their educational and career goals.  Instruction is individualized.  Students may perform at different levels and progress at their own pace, depending upon ability, achievement, and learning goals.  Upon entering the ABE/GED program at Rebuild Communities NC, a diagnostic test is administered to assess the student’s academic needs.

Technology resources include: classroom cable television, LCD projector, Wi-fi, Laptop computer use and hand- held calculators. In addition, the students will access use of an online multi-media educational resource, TV-411, for youth and adult learners.


Adult Basic Education (ABE)


The ABE program is designed to improve educational opportunities for adults who lack the level of reading, language and math skills needed for productive employment.  Instruction is based on the needs of the individual student. The course is offered in a stand-up teaching classroom setting with access to computer modules to accommodate different learning styles. Other academic resources will be made available for student use.

General Educational Development (GED)

The General Educational Development program prepares students to take the GED test.  Passing the GED test will result in the student receiving the General Educational Development certificate.  The credential will allow graduates to enroll in local community colleges and universities.  Registered students will be administered the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).  TABE results will determine student placement in either the ABE or GED courses.


Academic courses at Rebuild Communities NC will also include exposure to topics such as:

  • Decision making

  • Personal finance

  • Character development

  • Health and Wellness

  • Career research

  • History and culture

  • Civics

RBC Home School

ReBuild Communities Academy was established with the NC Division of Non-Public Education on September 24, 2018.  Academic instruction is provided to ninth grade students on a regular schedule for at least 9 months.  A nationally normed and standardized achievement test is administered annually.  There is an opening for one additional family enrollment during (2018-2019).  For more information contact:  Chief Administrator- Tonya Hall at 919-699-9783.

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