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Financial Literacy is the combination of attitude, knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy needed to make and exercise money management decisions that best fit the circumstances of one's life, within an enabling environment that includes, but is not limited to, access to appropriate financial services.

Financial literacy takes into account “how individual action and behavior, human psychology, and social structure influence household financial management and decision making.”

The focus of the RBC financial education and one-on-one counseling is on developing long-term change in behavior. For example, the individual whose goal is homeownership, how successful is he/she with saving for the down-payment over a period of 6 to 12 months.

RBC is committed to helping people mold or modify their financial behaviors to align with their personal goals. A consciousness about money management with incremental progress can have a significant impact towards achieving one’s personal goal.

Take our financial literacy course and learn how to:

  • Pay Down Debt                                           

  • Start or Increase Savings                          

  • Purchase a Home

  • Improve Your Credit

  • Save for School or Vacation

  • Build a Nest Egg for the Future                                                       

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