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Affordable Housing Enrollment

Want advice on buying a home, renting, default, foreclosure avoidance, credit issues or reverse mortgages, the RBC housing services program can help. Contact the RBC housing counselor at 252.598.0016 to schedule your appointment.


 Attend the RBC housing education seminar and learn more about:

  • Rent to Own

  • Locating the Right Place to Rent                       

  • Down Payment Assistance

  • Purchasing a Home                                           

  • Reverse Mortgage

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Consumer Fees for Housing Counseling 

RBC charges  reasonable and customary fees for pre-purchase, reverse mortgage, rental, and non-delinquency post-purchase counseling services, subject to the following criteria:

  • RBD must provide counseling without charge to persons who demonstrate they cannot afford the fees;

  • RBC must inform clients of the fee structure in advance of providing services;

  • Fees must be commensurate with the level of services provided.

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